Capacity Building Program for Hospitals and Medical Centers

Osten healthcare has a unique program including training and development courses for hospitals and medical centers’ clinical and non-clinical staff and Faculty.

Option One
Hospitals can choose a category or more from our comprehensive list of courses which can be customized based on the level of the participants, whether they are beginners, intermediate and advanced; the number of contact hours will be determined based on the participant level of knowledge and skills.

Osten Healthcare courses are classified into categories reflecting specific area of expertise and are described as follows:
  • Category 1| Governance, Leadership, and Service
  • Category 2 | Quality Management and patient safety
  • Category 3| Patient and Staff Safety
  • Category 4| Risk Management program
  • Category 5| Nursing Management and General Clinical
  • Category 6| Medical management
  • Category 7| Utilization Management
  • Category 8| Ethics
  • Category 9| Clinical research

Option Two
This option can be considered by hospitals and Medical Centers who want to be proactive by identifying training and skills needed in the future to develop and improve performance of their employees and enhance their abilities to respond to the continuous change in the healthcare system. This is achieved by filling a special assessment form by key executive stakeholder / decision makers in the organization who possess a clear sense of the current state of the organizational needs and the future state they are aspiring for their facility. Once the assessment form is completed, the results will be analyzed and gaps will be identified by our expert team, who will develop the training proposal. The proposal should include the need for training, the expected results, the staff/faculty to be trained, time frame, expert trainers, and budget.
The form is best completed using a team approach consolidating the input and feedback from all members into one final document.
Assessment needs, for example, could arise from employee satisfaction grievances, patients and customer complaints, quality control issues, accident and incident report forms, medico legal cases and so on.