Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare
8 Hours / 2 Days - From 5:00 PM Till 9:00 PM (GMT+3)

Our world is moving at such a rapid pace, that being ahead of the game is no longer an option, and the healthcare sector is no exception.
Nowadays, to be a successful and visionary leader, it is no longer enough to know your market and environment, but you should also foresee the future opportunities and threats and act upon that, before they even happen.
Through discussion, analysis, and case studies, you will learn exactly how to do this, during this course, and then be more specific and apply it to the healthcare environment.

Learning Objectives
  • Facilitate innovation strategy: from idea generation to implementation
  • Use tools for implementing innovation projects
  • Assess new opportunities and potential threats in your own business or sector
  • Understand how to market a disruptive innovation, and to which target audience
  • Clarify disruptive innovation in the healthcare sector. The untapped opportunities. The affecting factors…

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