Patient Experience Foundations For Healthcare Professionals
8 Contact Hours - 2 Days
Excellence in patient experience is considered the new normal in healthcare. Why? Because of the proven impact patient experience has on long-term patient well-being and health status, as well on the healthcare system as-a-whole. Enhanced return on investment, and better clinical outcomes are confirmed to build the case for patient experience. This course is designed to provide healthcare services organizations and point of care professionals a foundational and easy-to-use learning content that supports and enhances building a culture of excellence for an outstanding patient experience.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand what patient experience is and why it matters to healthcare organizations and providers.
  • Build the knowledge of research evidence related to patient experience and organizational outcomes
  • Build a deeper understanding of the drivers of patient experience
  • Explore proven strategies that improves patient experience in the practice setting
  • Explore ‘language of caring’ skill set as the basis for empathic, compassionate, patient centered communication standards in today’s healthcare today
  • Discuss leadership approaches that are patient centered and drive excellence in patient experience