Telehealth Excellence: The Future of Work in Healthcare
8 Hours / 2 Days - From 5:00 PM Till 9:00 PM (GMT+3)
Certainly, COVID -19 pandemic has forever altered healthcare the way we always knew it. The pandemic was a huge push factor for technology adoption in healthcare. Telehealth, by consequence, is becoming an integral part of the future of work in clinical settings. Providers will need to demonstrate specific competence in optimization, ensuring patient safety, and excellence in patient experience using telehealth. This course uses the latest standards and evidenced based recommendations on the topic [Four P's of Telehealth framework (planning, preparing, providing, and performance evaluation)] to build the healthcare care practitioners’ knowledge and know –how in implementing telehealth excellence in their practice setting.

Learning Objectives
  • Develop participants’ knowledge in telehealth
  • Develop participants’ know-how in competency elements needed for excellence in delivery of care via telehealth
  • Explore essential behaviors for successfully practicing telepresence
  • Explore ways for evaluating efficiency of telehealth programs
  • Explore emerging risks/ ethical considerations related to care via Telehealth

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