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Osten Healthcare is a specialized training provider based in Ireland, created to provide holistic healthcare trainings and development courses to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals, consultants, and other stakeholders in the field.

Whether, online or onsite, Osten Healthcare’s course objectives are unique. We use systematic methods in transferring technical and managerial skills to participants and meticulously design to our workshops to encompass the multifaceted experience of our consultants and experts.
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CPQH Workshop Testimonials
Being responsible for the performance improvement in my department, I feel that this workshop gave me the knowledge and skills needed to make the necessary changes.
This course was beneficial at many levels: we learned new concepts, it enhanced our critical thinking, it was fun especially when we solved the mock questions, and I completed 30 CME credits that are needed every year for reappointment.
Dr. Asaad Skoury
You are a change maker; you have a strong leadership and presentation skills.
The way you relay information is amazingly incredible. I have all the information in mind, and I think I am ready for the exam.
Hyam Sawli
I am impressed by your strong leadership and presentation skills; I am sure that with your guidance, I will be able to make the necessary changes in my organization.
Thank you for a wonderful and fruitful 5 days of learning experience.
Mariam Chahine
Thank you zeina for this wonderful 5 days. I want to thank you also for the continuous follow up after the training and the time you dedicated to answer our enquiries. You are deeply knowledgeable, and you always give the information in an amazingly simple way. We can never forget the real examples you gave, and this is what helped us in understanding the concept very well.
Ghada Youssef
I want to start by thanking you for the added value workshop and for the continuous follow up after the workshop; you are passionate and deeply knowledgeable, and I enjoyed every single minute during the 5 days.
Thank you.
Haidar Abdul Nabi - Biomedical Engineer
You lead by example. I am confident that the training I received will help me in succeeding in the CPHQ exam. Your examples were extremely helpful in grasping all the material. I never imagined that one day I will be able to understand biostatistics but with your help and explanation, I am surprised how knowledgeable I became.
Jana Hariri

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