Nursing Executive Program

Scope of Services
This program is designed to develop the competencies of the nursing executive team with two main areas. Case management and in hospital professional education. The Program starts with gap assessment and analysis in order to provide a customized solution that will be addressing the specific needs of the nursing executive team.

This program starts first by conducting a general leadership and management competency assessment for nursing executives using the American Organization of Nurse Leaders (AONL) competency framework methodology.

Assessment Target Areas
The assessment Will be targeting the following areas:
  • Case Management (using Case Management Society of America Standard of Practice as a reference).

  • Nursing Professional Education for in hospital setting (using American Nurses Credentialing Center for education as a reference).

Assessment Results
As per the assessment results, the program objective is to guide and mentor the nursing executive to create and develop the following:
  • An integrated case management program for the hospital focusing on the framework of referral process management between primary, secondary and tertiary facilities.

  • An integrated nursing services professional development unit plan including onboarding, training, and professional development serving the entire nursing workforce.

The implementation will be done thru conducting weekly educational and/ debriefing to nursing executive team in which we will provide training on key concepts relevant to the program, and discuss/ assess progress toward set weekly objectives