Mastering Clinical Research: Training Program For Doctors
28 Contact Hours - 7 Days
Combining medical education with training and experience in clinical research prepares doctors to improve patient health as well as healthcare in general. The program is appealing to those who are interested in pursuing careers in the areas of medicine and clinical research in either an academic environment or pharmaceutical/ biotechnology industry setting. It is designed for doctors who want to design and conduct clinical research, analyze results, as well as read and critique clinical research literature.

At the end of the training, participants will:
  • Describe the infrastructure required in performing clinical research and the steps involved in developing, conducting, running, and funding research studies
  • Learn how to choose the most suitable study design considering the research question, the available time, and resources
  • Have an overview of basic biostatistical and epidemiologic methods involved in conducting clinical research
  • Be introduced to the general guidelines of writing each section of a scientific research paper
  • Learn how to write regulatory documents, for example: consent forms , clinical trial protocol, and clinical study report
  • Understand the process of scientific journal publication
  • Know how to choose the right journal
  • Understand the process of scientific journal publication
  • Understand the editorial process: from submission to peer-review to decision to resubmission
  • Have an idea on how to publicize a published paper