CPHQ Preparatory Course
30 Hours / 8 Days - From 5:00 PM Till 9:00 PM (GMT+3)
The granting of Certified Professional in Health Care Quality (CPHQ) status recognizes professional and academic achievement by individuals in the field of healthcare quality management. The comprehensive body of knowledge includes quality management, accreditation, quality improvement, case/ utilization management, & risk management at all employment levels and in all healthcare settings. CPHQ is the internationally recognized credential in healthcare quality.

At the end of the training, participants will:
  • Explain the basic healthcare quality concepts
  • Understand the organization-wide strategic planning including development of mission, vision, goals, objectives and leadership values and commitment
  • Facilitate the establishment of a performance improvement oversight group, performance Improvement teams and quality champions
  • Perform or coordinate patient safety and risk management activities
  • Understand the development and revision of performance and risk management improvement plans
  • Integrate technology to enhance the patient safety program
  • Oversight of data collection methodology using knowledge of epidemiological theory of data collection and analysis
  • Use basic statistical techniques to describe and analyze data
  • Use or coordinate the use of basic statistical process control components
  • Understand epidemiological theory in data collection and analysis
  • Participate in the development of clinical guidelines and pathways
  • Participate in the credentialing and privileging process
  • Conduct quality and related function review and service specific review
  • Understand the prevention and control of infection processes
  • Participate in evaluating team performance
  • Incorporate performance improvement findings into the employee performance appraisal system
  • Integrate results of data analysis, outcomes of risk management and utilization management into the performance improvement process
  • Integrate quality findings into governance and management activities (bylaws and administrative policies and procedures)
  • Integrate accreditation and regulatory recommendations into the organization
  • Develop and provide performance improvement training
  • Evaluate effectiveness of training
  • Facilitate change within the organization through education
  • Develop and participate in accreditation and survey activities
  • Interact with medical staff and support personnel regarding performance improvement issues
  • Promote organizational values and commitment among hospital staff
  • Compile and write performance improvement reports
  • Integrate quality concepts within the organization
  • Coordinate the dissemination of performance improvement information within the organization

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